The video below briefly outlines the content of the Lecturer as a Producer module:


Idan Almog – IDC Herzliya (head)
Liat Brix Etgar and Moran Zarchi – Bezalel (partners)
Elana Milstein – BBC (partner)


In recent years, we see more and more academic institutions working to integrate new teaching methods using recorded content.

In this workshop, we will train lecturers to become independent producers of simple explanatory videos.

The workshop's main idea is: If you can "tell a story" and use PowerPoint (or similar applications), you can become your own producer.

The workshop will begin with the planning stage of a presentation / script and will end with practical learning of various self-production methods (presentation based videos, screen capture videos, and writing board videos).

The explanatory videos are suitable for different course models, such as: Hybrid Teaching, Flipped Classroom, Distance Learning, etc.

The ability to self-produce explanatory videos will provide the lecturers with better control and more involvement in the development of courses that use up-to-date teaching methods.

In addition, in some teaching models, such as the Flipped Classroom, explanatory videos make it possible for lecturers to use their limited time with students for practice, discourse, and learning focused on high levels of thinking.


The workshop’s main aims are to:

(a)  Introduce lecturers to various new teaching models that are based on recorded materials. 

(b)  Encourage lecturers to produce explanatory videos and integrate them in existing courses or in new courses.

(c)   Empower lecturers by providing them with skills for independent production, enabling them to develop and record simple explanatory videos of various production types.

Teachex Themes

The TeachEx project identified five themes. Three of them are reflected in the current module:

(a)    Bridging the Generation Gap
Explanatories can address the growing phenomenon of short attention spans.

(b)    Managing Diversity in the Classroom
Explanatories can help the weaker students to learn the main theories at their own pace and in their own time.
In addition, it can help students with concentration difficulties and students with strong visual reception.

(c)     Educational Technology
Explanatories can be used for Blended Learning, Flipped Classroom, Distance Learning, etc.

Learning Outcomes

(a)    Lecturers will know what an explanatory video is and understand how it can be used in different teaching models.

(b)    Lecturers will understand the explanatory video production process.

(c)     Lecturers will develop effective presentations by applying the “10 golden tips” for building a presentation.

(d)    Lecturers will acquire skills to independently record simple explanatory videos of various types.

(e)    Lecturers will be able to avoid basic copyrights issues by using copyright-free assets (assets = images, videos, icons, models).

Target Population

●     Lecturers who plan to develop courses based on recorded materials.

●     Lecturers who would like to enrich their courses with explanatory videos.

Recommended venue for training

●     Meeting 1 & Meeting 3

o     A small meeting room.

o     Equipment for each participant: computer with MS Office 2016 / 2013

o     Equipment for the trainer: computer with MS Office 2016 / 2013, speakers, projector.

●     Meeting 2

o     A small meeting room.

o     Equipment for each participant:

      Laptop computer

      Headphones + microphone

      HD web camera

      Wacom tablet / screen (will be connected to the laptop).

o     Software installations on the laptop of each participant:

      MS Office 2016 / 2013

      Office Mix add-on (free install)

      Screencast-O-Matic (purchase a single user pro account)

      Open Sankore (free install)

Duration of training

Approximately 360 minutes (6 hours).

Training guide & materials

●       Here is a direct link to the workshop trainers Job-Aid

●       The workshop consists of three meetings that cover 5 main units:





Trainers' Presentations


180 minutes

Group meeting
(3-5 lecturers)


Meeting 1 - Part A*

Stage A:

Meeting 1 - Part B*

Stage B:
Content development



Individual meeting

Stage C:

Meeting 2*



Group meeting
(3-5 lecturers)

Stage D:
Review & Summary

Meeting 3*

* Guidelines for the instructor appear on the "slides notes" of each slide.

Important Notes

●     We recommend a maximum group size of 5 lecturers.

●     The meetings include short assignments that appear in the notes of the PowerPoint presentation slides.  In addition, each meeting includes a summarizing assignment that appears on the last slide.

●     Session 2 includes basic training on a number of technological applications.
It is therefore recommended that an instructor with technological orientation facilitate this meeting.

●     This workshop isn’t about “how to become a professional filmmaker” or “how to become a storyteller.” It will focus on teaching “how to produce a basic academic explanatory video.”


Evaluation of materials:

  • Peer review by the partner institutions during the development process and the Train the Trainers event.
  • Pilot group feedback process (questionnaires & conversations).

Click here for the Pre-End Questionnaire  |   Click here for the General Questionnaire

Evaluation of training (including the evaluation of the learning outcomes):

  • Peer review of the lecturers’ products, given by the participating lecturers, during the 3rd group meeting, using the video quality indicator.

  • Impact analyses, 6 months after the training.

For example: How many lecturer videos were produced and used in an academic course?