From Teaching to Learning: embedding a Learning Outcomes Framework in CTEs to enhance learning and promote professional development.


Dr Marian McCarthy, UCC, and members of the Teach Ex project team



This is a capstone module arising out of our discussions and critique at the  London meeting 3-5 July 2017. Its rationale focuses on drawing the strands of the project together by using the Learning Outcomes model as a catalyst for learning, drawing on the action –reflection model and cycle embedded in an implementation of the Bologna process. This will enable the CTES to create a sustainable culture of benchmarking. As a follow up to the introduction of Learning Outcomes and their Alignment with Assessment at UCC and in Krakow, a second series of lectures and bespoke workshops will be conducted in November 2017 in the various CTEs in Israel. In the context of developing a culture of continuing professional development, this module will point to a reflective practitioner model and promote the use of teaching portfolios to capture staff and student learning and build capacity and confidence. 


This capstone module aims to provide trainers and faculty in each Centre with the opportunity to review their curricula and embed a Learning Outcomes approach which can then be implemented and assessed in subsequent semesters. The module aims to take a professional development stance in implementing Learning Outcomes to maximize reflection and sustainability.

The module themes (with relation to the 5 project domains):

TeachEx project identified five themes, which are expressed in the current module. Moreover, the course itself illustrates the project domains.

  1. Active Teaching / Pedagogy: By definition, a learning outcomes approach is about active learning and about teaching approaches that support such learning. This module will further embed active and innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment.
  1. Internationalization of teaching: This is ongoing in the project since implementing Learning Outcomes will provide an international language of student-centred teaching and learning throughout the CTEs which will give them international currency. Embedding sustainable communities of practice will also add to the international impact of the project and of teaching and learning, since these communities are part of an international community.
Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, faculty ( including trainers ) should be able to do the following:

Identify how and why the embedding of a Learning Outcomes model can act as a catalyst for learning for staff and students

Write programme and module learning outcomes to enhance curricula and student learning

Align learning outcomes, teaching and learning activities and assessment

Assess the learning outcomes of the programmes and modules they are teaching

Evaluate their progress through documenting their learning in a reflective teaching portfolio 

Reflect on and critique the process of implementing a learning outcomes approach as a way of enhancing their professional development

Hold a professional commitment to teaching and learning

Target populations


The Trainers

The Faculty

The students


From Teaching to Learning: embedding a Learning Outcomes Framework in CTEs to enhance learning and promote professional development.

Recommended venue for training

IDC Herzlia and the various CTEs of the project

Extent of training

Week –long series of lectures and workshops in Israel in November 2017.

Each Day (Sunday – Thursday) has the same structure:

Morning: 3 hours: The implementation and assessment of Learning Outcomes.

Afternoon:  3 hours:  Bespoke sessions with individual coordinators and faculty to  review curricula and re/write Learning Outcomes

Follow up week long sessions in February 2018. The second series of workshops will include an introduction to the teaching portfolio process as a reflective methodology to capture learning and embed the continuing professional development of faculty in the project.

Training guide

Writing and Using Learning Outcomes – DK

With portfolio in Hand – Nona Lyons

The Course Portfolio – hutchings

Training materials

Learning outcomes literature and the bologna process. Key text : Writing and Using Los- Dr Declan Kennedy, UCC.