The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel’s oldest institute of higher education was established over 100 years ago by Prof. Boris Schatz and is currently Israel’s leading Academy of Art, Design and Architecture and one of the most prestigious of its kind in the world.

Bezalel’s dynamic and interdisciplinary approach to curriculum includes 8 departments for undergraduate degrees and 4 programs for master’s degrees with over 2000 students and 400 faculty members studying in the fields of architecture, industrial design, fine arts, visual communications, ceramics & glass design, photography, fashion & jewelry design, screen based arts, and Policy & Theory of the Arts. The interaction of tradition with the dynamic and ever changing technologies of artistic expression are an important part of the Bezalel experience.

Bezalel and its many generations of graduates are at the forefront of the local and global artistic scene and are instrumental in shaping and enriching Israel’s cultural identity, as well as contributing greatly to the national achievements in the hi-tech industry.

As Bezalel looks to the future and the challenges of arts and design in Israel and the world, the Academy will strive to continue to be Israel’s foremost trainer of leaders in the fields of art, design and architecture whilst contributing to society as a whole.


Arch. Liat Brix-Etgar

Arch. Liat Brix-Etgar

Liat Brix-Etgar is an architect, researcher and lecturer. She is the academic director of the Department of Architecture and the head of “Civil Architecture” Unit in Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem. The unit interlaces design studio, political theory, planning and activism. It seeks to develop collaborative, open and deeply inclusive civil infrastructure, capacities and practices that would push towards democratizing planning processes. Liat received her B.Arch degree from the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and her M.A in philosophy (summa cum lauda) from the Tel Aviv University where she wrote her thesis about “The Spatial-Political Lexicon of Jean Luc Nancy”. She is an architect and associate in Tehiru Group in Tel Aviv.

Prof. Michael Turner

Prof. Michael Turner

Prof Michael Turner is a practicing architect, UNESCO Chairholder in Urban Design and Conservation Studies teaching in the graduate programme of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and currently heads the Design & Innovation Authority.  He has been involved with municipal urban and environmental issues since 1974 and from 1983 has been in private practice, specializing in the field of urbanism and conservation.

Serving on many international professional-academic bodies he combines practice and academia contributing many articles and chapters on current design issues. He has been, and is, involved in European research projects including Partnership for Peace, TEMPUS for the application of the Bologna Protocol in Israel and Palestine and the Seventh Framework for the Design of Safer Urban Spaces.

He was elected in 2005 to the World Heritage Committee and in 2007 for a term as vice-President.  Within UNESCO, he has participated in many global expert meetings and has accompanied the debate on Historic Urban Landscapes since its inception and is currently special advisor to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre focusing on UNESCO University Chairs and the input of culture for sustainable development.

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